IDR 138,000.00

Lavender Mist

IDR 138,000.00

Lavender Mist 100ml
Therapeutic aromatherapy mist

Botanical interior, pillow, linen, body & soul mist.
Grounding, calming. relaxation.

“All we need to keep calm, relax and create an inviting space for mind, body, and soul. Help you turn off from your day's activities ”

Close your eyes and mouth and spray your Aromatherapy Mist from above your head. Inhale deeply and let it transform your mood and wellbeing with a Revitalising, Calming, or Balancing scent. Prepare for a good night’s sleep by spraying on your bed linen before you climb into bed. Spray your Aromatherapy Mist around your rooms to infuse them with scent.
Benefit :
* Helps to heal burns, cuts, and itchy skin
* Perfect for Body, linen, and as a natural perfume
* Calming scent to helps insomnia, headache, and nausea.
* Selected ingredients of pure essential oils & floral extract.
* Mosquitoes repellent
* Linen Mist helps in insomnia
* Perfect for mom and baby

No Fragrance, Alcohol, and Phosphate