IDR 108,000.00

Deep Sleep Mist

IDR 108,000.00

Deep Sleep Mist 100ml
Therapeutic aromatherapy mist

Botanical interior, pillow, linen, body and soul mist.
Sleep-mode, calming. soothing.

“More restful sleep pattern, help you let go & rest completely. You can rest easy and dreaming peacefully after a few sprays”

Close your eyes and mouth and spray your Aromatherapy Mist from above your head. Inhale deeply and let it transform your mood and wellbeing with a Revitalising, Calming, or Balancing scent. Prepare for a good night’s sleep by spraying on your bed linen before you climb into bed. Spray your Aromatherapy Mist around your rooms to infuse them with scent.
Semprotkan dari atas kepala, tarik napas dalam-dalam & biarkan itu mengubah suasana hati Anda. Siapkan untuk tidur malam yang nyenyak dengan menyemprotkan ke bantal, selimut serta rambut & seluruh tubuh.
Titik nadi: pergelangan tangan, belakang telinga & leher.
Gunakan usai mandi sebagai body mist untuk mengawetkan aroma tersebut.

Benefit :
Helps to heal burns, cuts, and itchy skin
Perfect for a body mist and as a natural perfume
Calming scent to helps insomnia, headache, and nausea.
Selected ingredients of pure essential oils & floral extract.
Mosquitoes repellent
Linen & pillow mist helps to ease insomnia

No Fragrance, Alcohol, and Phosphate