Bymne - Reed Diffuser Square

IDR 131,500.00

Bymne - Reed Diffuser Square

IDR 131,500.00
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Bymne's first Generation of Reed Diffusers. Designed in 2018 and always continuesly evolving ever since.

Perceive by Intuition

Aroma: Lavender

Sharpen your strong and charismatic look with lavender’s clean and spicy notes with a hint of intensely botanical nuance. 

Olfactory Atmosphere: clean, spicy, strong, charismatic, and intensely botanical. Its green and spicy notes which combined can give lavender a somewhat woody, herbal quality

Bonne Memoire

The Smell of The Old Days 

Aroma: Musk

Carrying friendly and non offensive character makes white musk scent approachable. Set a sensual mood with its musky and a subtle note of floral.

Olfactory Atmosphere: musky, heavy, earthy, elegant, luxurious

Size: 50 ml