Bymne - Major Arcana Candle

IDR 101,000.00

Bymne - Major Arcana Candle

IDR 101,000.00
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Please Select Colour The High Priestess The Moon
The High Priestess

Amber & Honey

High Priestess is a symbol of mystery, stillness, and passivity. This card suggests that it is time to retreat and reflect upon the situation and trust your inner instincts to guide you through it. Things around you are not what they appear to be right now.

Scent Character: Feminine & Honey Sweet

The Moon

White Lily + Rose + Sandalwood

The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be. Perhaps a misunderstanding on your part, or a truth you cannot admit to yourself.

Scent Character: Woodsy with a touch of Sweet Floral

Size: 90gr