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COVID-19 affected all of our lives, especially businesses! The government's call to #STAYHOME has brought down the customers' purchasing capabilities. And formal-wears are definitely not a priority! Right now, we cannot even seek profit; we're just merely focusing on surviving!

The moment we experienced a financial downfall, we immediately tried to survive by cutting down our costs and postponing the launch of new products. Sadly, our survival actions affected our craftsmen, and with no clothes to sew, they didn't have any income.
We tried to find a solution to the problem, and we finally came up with the #ONEmaskFOURawareness program!
#ONEmaskFOURawareness is an initiative to prevent COVID-19 dissemination by raising awareness about the importance of wearing masks during this pandemic to our local community! 

How Does It Work?

To prevent our craftsmen from not having any income, we utilized our leftover fabrics (we never throw them out just in case!) and sew them into two-ply Reusable Cloth Masks. To help you keep them clean, we also made a matching pouch for you to store the mask. For every Reusable Cloth Mask purchase, you are also donating FOUR other masks to the #ONEmaskFOURawareness program! Our target is to donate 1000 masks and distribute them at the local traditional markets, and we are not taking any profits from the mask sales!

Why Traditional Markets?

1. Traditional Markets sell primary needs, so they are still operating even during the pandemic. It is essential for all the customers and sellers to wear masks, mainly because it's swamped and crowded in there! Hence, the probability of virus dissemination at those places is high.
2. The traditional markets mostly sell raw materials and foods; it is vital to keep the goods uncontaminated!

3. We often see people at the conventional market (seller and buyer) not wearing masks. That means the awareness level about the importance of wearing masks is still very low.

4. Donating a massive amount of masks to a place full of a crowd is a lot more effective than hitting single targets by giving one mask at a time. 

Want to take part?

Please do! All you need to do is purchase our Reusable Cloth Mask for IDR 30k, and you are automatically donating FOUR masks to the #ONEmaskFOURawareness program! 

Want to know the updates on the donation progress?

Stay tuned on our IG stories because we always report progress about the program! 

Help us reach our target to donate 1000 masks at our first batch. Please note that we are not taking any profits from our mask sales, our primary purpose is to share, not to sell

Stay safe and healthy!